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Image masking service is importance when you have to extract object from raw background.You can do photo masking using clipping path service technique.Image masking service can help you extract object from original backgorund without loss any data.Sotimes it’s difficult to extract object like hair masking but it’s depend on the how is the raw images background.Clipping Path Next offer you best image masking in photoshop.


Image Masking is one of the important photo editing methods. This technique is preferred way to make the photos look better. The service helps to remove the unwanted edges, hairs or fur from the image. If you do not show any flaws in your image this is the best option to hides all flaws. But it maintains the original quality In case of timing this technique is takes less time and it is easy to apply. In this process you do not need to remove any portion. Instead of removing you can hide any portion and if want arise any objects of photos which not clearly focus. There are so many agencies which are included in printing and website designing related image masking service.  Clipping Path service has been always developing interest for image masking service.

images masking serviceimages masking service

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Why image masking service need:

By using an Image masking process, you can edit your photo in non-destructive way. Whenever you need, you can make changes later or fine tune to your mask. Sometimes after editing or removing any objects of photos we need to edit or removing portion, but it’s pretty much difficult to bringing those parts. Some photos have blurred edges or hair portions and looking attractive photos its needs to remove very sharply, and then image masking is one of the best options. Using an image masking process, you can eliminate, extract or detach from picture. Image masking is simply use when a picture needs to hide and focus portion. In this process you can control the transparencies areas of a picture, like a very light glitter or shiny sky. For transition effect you can use very soft brush or gradient for masking. To modify an area of the image then you need to masking like, in a photo’s model’s top garment’s color want to change, then that portion would be visible by using masking of the image. Then any kind of modification you can apply if you want; it would be exposure correction, adjustment, color brightness, color contrast and color etc. The masking technique use to remove the background of clear or glass types objects. If you need to replace the background of a transparent cloth like, muslin or mesh you can use the image masking process. Using image masking you can make interesting collage, use interesting effects on the photos also using soft brushes and gradients of gray for transitions smooth. If an image has sharp edges and background is same color, then you can avoid to this service.

Types of image masking:

By image masking technique you do not need to remove any parts of your picture rather it is better to hide unwanted option and show the important parts of the photo. And image masking is helping you with editing or creating such a kind of photo. There are various types of image masking here discuss some kind of image making:


  1. Layer masking: In Photoshop people generally refer to when they talk about a masking is known to the layer mask. By using this mask you can hide or show portions of an image or can change the blurriness of the various portions of an image. The opacity of a layer from the layer panel’s opacity slider and opacity of the whole image will be changed. The visibility of the layer can be changed with the layer mask. The portion of the image will be totally transparent if you paint with black mask. If you paint with any grayscale color, then image will be partially transparent and it’s depending on the percentage of gray you choose for the brush. For smooth edge transformation selects a soft brush.
  2. A clipping mask: A clipping mask is a kind of group of mask which applied one layer to determine the visibility or transparency of another layer. In image masking this type of masking we control the visibility of the bottom layer. It may appear like that clipping mask is working contrary, comparing to the layer mask. In layer mask, using black color on the mask to make the pixels of the layer invisible; but with the clipping mask do the opposite. The pixels on the top layer will be transparent or invisible if the bottom layer doesn’t have any pixels same as, when bottom layer has some pixels in that area then top layer will be visible.
  3. Vector Mask: When you need to cut an object out with a sharp edge, then the best option is a vector mask. By using vector mask paths can be altered and revealing different parts of an image at any time. Whenever you need that vector masks’ visibility can be on and off in the Layers panel the same way you turn off layer masks.
  4. Quick Mask: In an image masking sector quick mask is such a type of mask which one is allows you to create or edit something quickly. By using a selection tool or a painting tool you can begin your quick mask. Do not worry about the perfection of selection you can reconcile your selection after you have the Quick Mask. Here you can also just paint your mask from scratch. It is easy to start image edit selection. You can reconcile your selection after you have the Quick Mask. Here you can also just paint your mask from scratch.
  5. Alpha Channel Masking: Like removing background in image masking every image has a separate aspect of cutting out operations. Different images applied different methods as their editing requires. Whether other masking is a little bit easier to apply, but in the case of alpha channel masking is a bit complex. When an image needs to mask out hair and furry areas, it is kind of Time-consuming and difficult to select those areas with just the brush strokes. It is easier to apply the alpha channel masking technique when the object and the background has a sufficient amount of contrast.
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