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By now a day’s customers are getting smarter and demanding higher-quality experiences so that the online seller includes product photography in a part of their seller. Shadow can make a photo look better and it’s able to create a good visual effect which might not achievable through photography.Take our shadow making service and make your images more interesting.

What is drop shadow service?  

A drop shadow is a technique of graphic design which makes an object comes in to be over the rest of the picture by placing a direct shadow behind the object. Drop shadow can create images extraordinary, change the concepts and be used in several of ways. A drop shadow making services also used makes transparent images and text of documents. Sometimes Photoshop drop shadow needs to drop on only material of the layer or it’s below space. Drop shadow is used for some kind of complex services such as; some people can want to form an illusion to their photos to make the foreground object exposed at the viewer. A drop shadow service makes the image as attractive as natural look. This is a visual effect that is made up of drawing like the shadow of an object and gives the impression that the object is raised above the objects behind it. And it also creates the impression of a source of light shining on an object from above. This method makes a shadow to appear like it is shed behind the object. This can be behind or under an image and gives the impact of shadows or a fake shadow from lighting. The drop shadow service also gives a 3D effect to the object. White or extremely light background is best for optimal output of drop shadows.

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Types of shadow  making service:

 A drop shadow is often used in E-commerce sector that retailers want to display their products photo more stunning. It helps to make the object look As though it is a little raised above the background, almost floating. At some time this also gives the object a faint glow.  Without drop shadow service there are three types of major service which also in Photoshop:

  1. Natural shadow: Natural shadow making service is used when an image is edited to make the visual effect that the object has cast a shadow on the background. Using this shadow the photo editor can select where the imaginative light is coming from and cast the shadow accordingly. This shadow gives the image a natural lookA natural shadow makes the object appear to be sitting on a surface.


  1. Existing shadow or cast shadow: The drop shadow making service is mostly used in E-commerce sector for look of products more authentic. This shadow is a shadow which is created artificially to be always under the product. In this method you can preserve the naturally occurring shadow with the correct levels of opacity and transparency. If your photo has a natural shadow in it, but you need to edit it and create a different background then drop shadow is best option.


  1. Floating shadow and reflections: There is another type of shadow is known to float shadow and floating reflections. This is a shadow which shows the mirror reflection of the product itself. It is also known as mirror effect. This is used when you want to create a shadow for an object that is not on the ground or emerge to be floating in space or when you have a shadow cast over a hole. The reflection shadow making service is commonly used in E-commerce product photos, along with a white background. It is very important to apply this method perfectly because floating shadows and reflections can look unnatural and obviously edited when done imperfectly.

How to use a shadow effect to image:

 By using drop shadow you are creating a gray or black shape that matches the shape of the subject of the photo and can makes the photo look more realistic and natural. It is very important to maintain accurate proportions between the shadow and the object. Any imbalance can make your image look unrealistic and fail to seek your customers’ attention.

Drop shadow shows the relation between the object and the background.  Although the background is digitally added or not. Its reason shadows are darker when the light is closer to an object and lighter when there is more distance between the light and the object.

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